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With the film ALA KACHUU by Maria Brendle we want to address the tradition of bridekidnapping on an international level. The film shall be a tool for NPOs and NGOs to inspire women to stand up for their rights.

The protagonist of our film has the courage to free herself. She shall be a source of inspiration for many young women confronted with this topic. They shall know that they - as every human being - have the right to say no. We are filmmakers and we would like to use our resources to support young women in fighting for their own (human) rights.

The film is 80% financed. We are supported by the Zurich Film Foundation, funds from the Federal Office of Culture and the Swiss Embassy in Bishkek. Our successful crowdfunding has generated over CHF 60,000.

Together, we can achieve our goal of financing the film to 100%. Every donation helps us pay for

  • logistics such as flights, rooms and board
  • renting film equipment
  • the salaries of the crew and cast


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