ALA KACHUU - Take and run

Sezim (17) absolutely wants to go to university; education, to her, is the only way to escape the miserable life in the Kyrgyz countryside. Shortly before being notified as to whether she has received her scholarship from the university, a group of young men kidnap her and bring her to their country home. There she is forced to marry a man she does not know. Sezim became a victim of a tradition still executed to this day. If she refuses the wedding, her family runs the risk of being stigmatized and excluded. Torn between her desire for self-realization and the constraints of a tradition Sezim tries to be a good wife to her husband, while being increasingly broken by the struggle. When the chance of escaping comes unexpectedly, she leaves everything behind and proves the courage to set out for an uncertain future.

Switzerland • fiction • 20 Min • OV kirg • ST eng, de