«Ala Kachuu» - kirgisisch: Nimm und lauf!

A woman is grabbed in the middle of the street, torn into a car and abducted.
Shortly after, she is married to one of the men.

I heard about bride kidnapping from a friend who had travelled through Kyrgyzstan for a while. I could not believe what he was telling me. His descriptions stuck with me. I started doing research and learned that this custom was widespread. I talked to Kyrgyz women, heard their stories and was able to enter a world foreign to me up to this point.

Growing up with the privilege of being able to express my own opinion, my «No» is usually respected. As a director it became a matter truly dear to my heart to lend these women a voice, who have stayed silent out of fear of stigmatization. With film as a medium I want to give them a mouthpiece for their stories to finally be heard.

For over two years I have researched, studied and written.
ALA KACHUU – Take and Run is a fictional story based on the true fates of many Kyrgyz women. The Film should raise awareness about bride kidnapping and contribute to helping women find the right to say «No» without any shame.

No matter from which country we stem from, we all have one thing in common: we should not have to fear to say «No». And if we do say it, it should be heard.


Maria Brendle, author and director

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